Easyodds is an online betting affiliate site that compares leading bookmakers odds to give you the best returns. Offering a unique multisign up form, free bets and tips, Easyodds wanted to find a way to help show off all their useful tools.

Halo Films created a tutorial video to show new punters how to use the website. Presenter and EasyOdds tipster, Paul Jacobs was mixed with motion graphics to take viewers on a journey through the site and give them a great understanding of how it works.

Picture 1


The filming took place in Soundstage Studios in London. The 9m x 4m green screen was ideal, with excellent acoustics perfect for Paul’s’ boisterous tone. The Halo Crew consisted of Sam-Windsor Phillips looking down the lens of our Canon C300, Peter directing and Andy helping to line Paul up with the storyboard.

Andy Bryce, our Digital Supervisor at Halo used After Effects to create the impressive Motion Graphics. Sam Warr our Edit Apprentice helped create some of the assets. We are very pleased with the final outcome, which is now being shown on the first page of Easyodds.com making sure all visitors new and old know about all the services Easyodds offer.

Project Details


Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Camera:Sam Winsor-Phillips
Assistant Camera:Andy Bryce
Editor:Andy Bryce
Motion Graphics Artist:Andy Bryce, Sam Warr
Assistant Editor:Sam Warr
Production Assistant:Tess Benjamin