FD Works is a relatively new financial service company offering clients a part time Financial Director and top to bottom financial and accounting support. Aimed at small and medium sized businesses, their approach is very hands on and when they work with clients they tend to become quasi members of staff. More often than not they start helping shape the direction a company is going in and become part of their client’s increasing success. As you can imagine, with anything financial its not often easy to get the nuances of the message across. So FD Works came to Halo for an Intercast. Choosing to create a single film, Managing Director, Jonathan Gaunt chose the white background Intercast version and wanted us to spice up the editing a bit. The result? An effective way of putting a human face to finance and a video for the new FD Works web site. Jonathan has kindly sent us this endorsement: We’ve been blown away by the positive impact that the ‘intercast’ has had on promoting our business – video portrays so much more than words ever could and it has given our website a personality. Halo Films made the whole experience a pleasure (said by someone who is camera shy) and they have exceeded our expectations at every stage.

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