Fitness TV launched on the Sky TV platform in September 2009 and is the UK’s first TV channel dedicated to health and fitness. Based around exercise classes you can do at home, Fitness TV’s objective is to be the channel to watch if you want a improve your health and wellbeing.

Working to a tight budget, Fitness TV is one of the new breed of channels catering for specialised markets. Found towards the end of the Sky EPG, they can be created, marketed and supplied with programmes for surprisingly small amounts. As the only production company associated with the start of Fitness TV, Halo helped with channel idents and, to our great pride, produced all the programmes on the channel at launch.

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We identified, auditioned and worked with a wide range of fitness instructors and created programmes aimed specifically for the user at home. These are real classes that can be done by real people. As well as the classes Halo also produced many of the adverts and infomercials seen on the channel.

Our experience with other digital channels such as Horse and Country TV and Vintage TV means that Halo is one of the few companies that understand this new area of the television industry. So, if you ever fancied the idea of your own channel, then we have the contacts and experience to get you on air.

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