This series of interview films is one of Halo’s most effective products. Our Intercasts™ let the chief exec of an organisation tell their story in their own words. What comes across is a passion for what they do and the people who work with them as well as putting a human face to the company and its often static website.

The Castle School in Thornbury has 1800 pupils from Year 7 to Year 13 (or Upper 6th in old money), which by anyone’s standards is a lot of students. And as with many organsiations they are increasing their reliance on the internet for communication and teaching. This September their new web site was launched. Designed to be used by parents, pupils and teachers, one of its key jobs was to give prospective Year 7′s and their parents the chance to understand more about the school.

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As part of our Premium Partnership with the school – a formal link that Castle has with local businesses – Halo Films was asked to create a series of videos featuring headteacher, Melanie Warnes. Given that the web site is all encompassing, including exam rates, class structures, syllabus details and all manner of specific detail, Melanie wanted the videos to be more about the philosophy of Castle. Every school has its own atmosphere and in the good ones it is created on purpose. Castle is outstanding in the way it knows exactly what type of school it wants to be and how it can help all of its students.

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Client:The Castle School

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