Trailblazer are a dynamic PR agency based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. A few years ago Halo employed them to boost its regional presence (which was a great success) and recently they became one of our customers.

Trailblazer is run by Sabrina Pace Humphries, a charismatic mother of 4, marathon runner and PR expert but nowhere on its web site could you get a true feeling of just how enthusiastic Sabrina is. You could read her writing, meet her team and see an impressive list of clients but that was all. Now after one day filming with Halo a set of Intercasts grace Trailblazer’s site.

Halo’s Intercasts are an effective way for a leader of a company or organisation to get not only their message across but to show prospective customers a little about themselves. Video puts a human face to a company and allows an audience to get a feel for the person on screen, to make a judgment about their commitment, their knowledge and ultimately whether they would like to do business with them. We can film our Intercasts on location, where the background supports the message being put across, or in our own studio, where the background can fit into an existing website design.

Sabrina wanted to give her definition of PR and talk about the key aspects of how Trailblazer works for clients. But the films do more than that. They give an insight into her philosophy of PR, they show her passion and they make you feel you know her. Since going up, Trailblazer have seen an increase in the number of people phoning them after viewing the site.

The films on our player (above) show how Intercasts are divided into precise topic areas, how corporate branding can be reinforced and how effective they can be when used with social media. You can see other Halo Intercasts below and Trailblazer’s on their web site here:  Trailblazer PR.

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