At Halo Films we believe that film is the best form of communication in the world

Our passion is making powerful, thought provoking and honest films for all markets.

In no other medium can you put across so much information and emotion in so short a time. Films are multilayered. A heart felt interview says a lot, but put it with great imagery and then add surprising music and it will say so much more.

Our goal at Halo is to make films more accessible, helping those who haven’t used video in their communication before to do so, and helping those who might have dabbled, to understand it better.



We are located 20 miles north of Bristol in the southern Gloucestershire countryside and have an ever growing family of freelance production staff and crew; from BAFTA winning sound-men and extreme underwater and adventure cinematographers, to internationally renowned producers and directors – and coming from a background in international TV, we know how to use film and video to educate, promote, inspire, entertain and emote.

Our passion is making powerful, thought provoking and honest films.


Our Latest News

Hospital Films at Circle Bath

Knee, Shoulder and Hip Surgery Over the past year Halo Films has continued to work in the medical sector, filming a series of films for surgeons at the Circle Group of hospitals. We have just completed series of films for two of the specialist orthopaedic centres of excellence; the Hip Unit and Shoulder Unit and previously […]

Team Building With Video

How Building a Video Presentation Can Bring Your Team Together Working as part of a team is one of the key elements to succeeding in the world of business, so it’s no wonder that business owners and managers spend so much time on corporate team building and events for their staff. Did you know that […]

Where to Shoot?

Finding the Right Venue to Shoot Your Business Advertising Video Video is one of the fastest growing forms of content marketing. Millions of people watch YouTube videos every week and for businesses of all shapes and sizes, video advertising is an excellent way to generate extra buzz online. Larger businesses will almost certainly hire a […]

Is Online Video The Future of Content Marketing?

Online video is growing in popularity every day. Reading a web page takes time and time is something most of us don’t have. Online video content delivers the same information, but in a more satisfying way. Online video is often a combination of entertainment and factual content, so it is not surprising that people choose […]

Hiring : Researcher Apprentice

Over the past three years, Halo has embraced the idea of workspace apprenticeships. Our new Editing Apprentice (Laurie) has just joined us and we are now looking for an research apprentice. If you think you will be good at finding great locations and contributors then we would love to hear from you.