In the digital age any video should be an advert

The conventional TV advert is 30 seconds long and tells a short story in a very efficient and entertaining way. Halo is an experienced advert producer having made films for clients advertising on ITV and many Sky Digital Channels. We help with the message targeting, write the script, take responsibility for all production issues and can liaise with Clearcast to get your advert passed for transmission.

Today however, adverts aren’t just made for TV. Web sites, conferences, email campaigns are all making increasing use of short, targeted films. Here too we have vast experience. The thought behind the films must be the same; who is the audience, what is the message, what is the call to action. But some of the technical and regulatory constraints are removed. This gives you more freedom in the films you make.
At Halo, we feel that any film can be an advert. We can sell a product, market a person, explain an idea, champion a cause or promote an institution. And with advances in digital production techniques we can often make these films for far less than was traditionally thought. One of our largest projects was the creation of 350 product videos for golf product distribution company, Masters Golf. Each film felt like a mini advert, had pack shots, logos and graphics as well as a sales driven voice over. The videos cost about the same as their traditional printed brochure but were used on their web site, hosted on YouTube, displayed in retail stores and given to the international sales force.

Our adverts can use actors, impressive locations, documentary characters, motion graphics and digital effects.