Over the past few years it has spent a great deal of time formulating links with local businesses. They believe that education and business should work hand in hand to give students not only a glimpse of what the real world is like but also an enriched education by encouraging businesses to support the varied forms of learning Castle promotes.


We have embraced this aspect of the Partnership and have interviewed the headteacher for the school web site and helped students make films. It is humbling to know that this support is valued. Below is a testimonial from Tess Wilkinson, the Premium Partnership leader:

It would be fair to say that Halo Films is a locally focused company. Although many of our clients are international and many of our films for overseas markets, we are located in a tiny hamlet next to a quiet Gloucestershire village.


We employ local staff and have built relationships with local universities and colleges. In fact quite a few students from Gloucester University have started their careers with us. However, one of our most successful relationships has been the partnership we have with The Castle School in Thornbury. This 1800 pupil comprehensive is widely respected in the area for its progressive and inclusive approach to education.


  • Peter Georgi and his team at Halo Films have been wonderful in their support of The Castle School, through the Premium Partnership scheme which links education and business. They have not only filmed an interview for the website of our headteacher, Melanie Warnes, but have also mentored a group of students, and in particular one year 12 girl through the process of making and editing a film for The Castle School’s new website. The results are impressive, and these students have gained invaluable employability skills, and learned a huge amount about the industry that they are so passionate about. The quality of work and professionalism that we have experienced working with Halo Films has been exceptional. Their ability and desire to support the school and its students has made working with them and inspiration for all involved.

The interview with the head was made into two types of film, a direct “Piece-To-Camera” where Melanie introduces the new web site to viewers and a more relaxed series of films where she talks openly about the ethos, philosophy and teaching style of the school. Our work with the students has been more varied, first coming into sixth form classes to talk as industry experts and more recently as mentors for students making a film about life at the school to help new entrants get a feel of the place.