Consultancy and Lecturing from Professional Experience

Peter Georgi has been in the television and video production business for 25 years.

In that time he has made the BBC’s only ever IMAX film, produced shows like Tomorrow’s World, The Human Body, Walking With Cavemen and QED.

At Halo he has continued operating in a wide range of sectors, from medical, through business and industry to working with Gold medal winning Olympic athletes. Halo has produced TV series, television adverts and increasingly high quality corporate communication videos for the digital age. A cursory look round our portfolio will show a depth and breadth of work second to none.

Halo Films is expert in using video for targeted and powerful communications. We have built a reputation for helping clients who think they ‘might want to create some video’. We understand how it works, how the production process can be made efficient and how to bring creativity on a budget.

We offer two consultancy products:

• Educational Lecturing
• Strategic Video and Digital Planning Consultancy
Peter is able to lecture as an industry expert to degree and MA levels. He specialises in exploring some of the thought processes needed to cut through the jargon and misinformation that often makes productions difficult. He enjoys the production process and working with and understanding a client brief. At its heart, TV and video production is a creative process but it must serve a defined and often corporate master. Getting that right is not always easy.

Strategic Planning Consultancy

Much of the time people know they want to promote themselves with video but are not sure what is possible, what they should or could do and probably the most important question, how much it will cost. Prior to production Halo can help you understand how video can be used and where it works best giving you the ability to see how it can fit into your marketing strategy.

Consultancy is based on daily rates.

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