Video is no longer a might have, it’s a must have

It is estimated that by 2017 74% of all internet traffic will be video. True or not, there is no denying the fact that video is now the dominant force in digital marketing and corporate communication.

Halo Films is an experienced corporate video production company and can create films for any business need: message films for targeted business audiences, training videos which can inspire staff as well as instruct, product videos that bring your merchandise to life and adverts that engage with your audience.

We come from a high quality, BBC trained, broadcast background. Our films are well made; they look good, sound good and tell great stories. But most of all, they do what our clients need them to.
At Halo we understand how video works and spend time with you to work out exactly how your film should be. Who is the audience, what is the message and what should viewers do at the end? A film aimed at retail customers will be slightly different from one targeted at B2B.

At Halo, we have devised a range of film types that makes it is easy to know in advance how your film will end up. It means we can schedule accurately, work out the crew time needed and give accurate budget quotes. As you can see for our previous work, our approach can be applied to any sector.