Halo Films is an expert at making films for the finance sector and has been helping companies improve their communication with financial videos for many years

Whether you need a video to present at your annual conference, a series of recruitment films for your large organisation, or a range of films explaining your ways of working and service to retail customers, we have experience of talking to all types of audiences.

Our clients include FTSE 100 company, St. James’s Place, accreditation body The Institute of Financial Planning, the Association of Investment Companies and many independent financial advisors.

Effective financial films need to translate often-complex information to different audiences. Halo Films’ managing director, Peter Georgi studied Economics at university and has become a sought after expert in business and financial communication.
We understand the financial community and how to represent it. Our past work has seen us delve into the realms of life as an IFA after the Retail Distribution Review (or post RDR to its friends), get to grips with both Chartered and Certified Financial Planner status and be conscious of how the macro economic climate is affecting our client’s business. We understand that that the sector is heavily regulated and are experienced in working with in house teams to make sure your films are compliant. We have made business to business films and ones directed at retail customers.

Our experience has shown that with such a complex sector as finance, spending time defining the target, and message is vital. We have an instinctive understanding of how video can be used and what type of film works well in different situations. We will spend time with you before production begins, making sure we fully understand what you want to achieve and suggesting ways that can be done.