Industrial films are an art form in themselves

Industry has an impression of being complicated, big and dirty, and sometimes, it is. But not always; it can be moving, beautiful and intricate too.

Halo has made films for manufacturers enormous sub-sea pipeline valves (Severn Glocon Ltd), invincible entrance gates and barriers (Avon Barriers), and precision measuring tools and guidance systems (Renishaw). All sound like inanimate objects but our films focused on not just the objects themselves, but how they impacted the lives of their cutomers.
As documentary film makers our approach to industrial communication is to find the link between objects and humans and to help companies tell a client facing story from within a mechanical setting.

We are understand the need for precision and always get our facts right. We are also experienced at working in hazardous environments and are able to use complex filming techniques to bring engineering to life.