Powerful interviews sell people, ideas and companies

At Halo we have created a simple style of ‘interview’ based film that enables you to get high quality video on your web site in a time efficient way.

We call them Intercasts and they are literally Interview Podcasts. We come to you, film a structured interview and turn it into three or four separate films. It is the simplest way of getting a large amount of high quality video on your web site and allows chief execs and company representatives to put their message across in a personable and engaging way. Intercasts create a direct link with the audience and convey passion, enthusiasm and expertise in a way that written words never can.
As documentary makers we know how to harness the power of the interview. We spend time with you before filming and get to understand you, your company and what you want to say. An Intercast can be a personal profile film, can allow a chief exec to convey the company vision, can define the areas you work in and can talk directly to customers. What ever they are, we aim to capture the honesty and passion that people have for their businesses and know from experience that if we do you will engage and motivate your audience.