The Media Sector Needs To Communicate Too

As a video and television production company Halo works for the media too. We have made television series for Sky Channels, produced video podcasts for PR companies, provided video content for digital consultancies to put in client web sites and created a ‘how to use my web site’ film for an odds comparison company.

The media sector is large and comes in many forms. All of us have our specialties but all of us need third party help at different times.

Halo Films comes from a proper film making, broadcast background. Peter trained as a producer/director at the BBC, spending ten years making films for the Science Department in London. Producing shows like Tomorrow’s World and the 8 x 1 hr BBC1 series, The Human Body as well as the BBC’s only IMAX film has taught him to think creatively and how to get the most from a budget.

Halo Films was a pioneering producer in the new world of Sky Digital channels. Our first commission was a 24x30 minute series about the life of the oldest family run castle and country estate in Gloucestershire (Berkeley, An English Country Estate).
Using new camera and editing processes, the whole series was made for less than the cost of a half hour documentary at the BBC! We also had the privilege of making the whole programming schedule for the launch of Sky TV workout channel, Fitness TV.

As a third party supplier to media and digital agencies we have no ego. We know that video or animation will be small part of any job. We can take a brief, work to a budget and provide a film that fits seamlessly into your project. We also know that your clients are just that, your clients.

We have made product and service web and TV adverts as white label suppliers, beautiful animations to support point of sale displays and created series of business communication films for PR companies.