At Halo Films we have a long history of making medical videos, we enjoy their subtleties and complexities

Managing Director, Peter Georgi spent ten years in the Science Department of the BBC, working on shows such as Tomorrow’s World, Hospital Watch, QED as well as being part of the team that produced the multi BAFTA award winning series, The Human Body (presented by The Lord Robert Winston).

Any form of communication in the medical sector needs to be precise, targeted, well thought out and well executed. Nowhere is that more so than in film communication where any misunderstanding can have serious consequences.

With film, knowing who your audience is vital and we have experience of translating complex medical subjects to a broad, mainstream audience. We have also made medical training films to be used by surgeons and clinicians.
We are used to working in hospital environments and understand the limitations of filming in operating theatres, wards and around communal areas with members of the public.

Our work has seen us create a series of films and a television advert for a private hospital part of the Circle Group, Circle Bath. Previously we created a range of films, targeted at different audiences, about a new form of prostate cancer brachytherapy treatment.

For Halo, medicine is close to our hearts; it affects all people and at its most basic is about how their lives are changed. Our skill as documentary makers means that we can translate any medical message for your chosen audience.