Is Online Video The Future of Content Marketing?

Online video is growing in popularity every day. Reading a web page takes time and time is something most of us don’t have. Online video content delivers the same information, but in a more satisfying way. Online video is often a combination of entertainment and factual content, so it is not surprising that people choose to browse popular websites such as YouTube when they want information.

Most experts agree that video is the future of online content marketing. Many companies are slowly waking up to the power of video content, but small businesses tend to be the ones who have yet to take advantage of the power of video marketing. Unfortunately, ignoring video is not a good idea.

A Global Audience

More than a billion people visit YouTube in any given month. That makes YouTube almost as popular as Facebook, so posting a video on YouTube gives you access to a vast global audience. Obviously you can’t guarantee everyone will watch your video content, but if you produce something worth seeing, you are guaranteed a piece of the action.

Viral videos are a powerful thing. Once a video hits the right spot, it is possible to achieve millions of hits in a short space of time. People love to share online videos with their friends. If they watch a piece of video that is funny, interesting, or just plain weird, they immediately click on the share link and post it to social networking websites or their email contacts. Uploading video to a website means visitors will spend longer browsing and viewing content, which in turns helps them to engage with your brand better.

Video Content for Small Businesses

It is hard enough for a small business to build a good website, let alone create great online video content. There is a lot to think about when building websites: content, SEO, and finding the best unlimited web hosting being three of the things on the tick list. But before you dismiss the idea of producing online video content for marketing purposes, remember that production costs are no longer huge and there are lots of great apps out there for businesses with tiny budgets.

Target Audience

You need to know who your audience is before you start creating video content. Any video you produce must be relevant or it will fall flat. Think about what your customers want to see and produce content to suit. For example, if you sell plumbing materials, have a go at creating simple “How To” videos. This type of content is incredibly useful and if you create a piece of video that is short, succinct, and helpful, it will be watched, shared and bookmarked.

Promoting Video Content

Video content should be shared across multiple channels for the best reach. Social media is extremely important, so make it really easy for viewers to share your content. Video should also be optimised for mobile devices, as mobile now has a huge market share of the online audience.

Always try and be creative when producing online video content. The more creative you are, the more successful your video content will be.

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