Robot Arm Assisted Surgery

The future of orthopaedic surgery is robotic.

Medicine is becoming increasingly more specific. Our bodies are all different and the more treatments are fitted to us, the better we heal. This is never more so than in joint replacement surgery. 30 years ago, hips and knees were replaced primarily to remove pain, the pain from arthritis or injury. They were simple devices and were never as good as our original joints.  Today replacement joints are better engineered and can be made more specific to the patient. Key to the best results though is for them to be put in with absolute accuracy.

As part of our specialism in medical communication films, Halo was asked to create 3 films showing a new Robotic Arm surgical assistant.

Stryker is an American medical instrument and implant manufacturer. One of its most advanced tools is the Mako Robot-Arm assistant. Using a 3D CT scan of the patient the computer controller enables surgeons to plan with great precision where implants should be fitted. Muscular tension and leg alignment can be perfected before the start.  Then during surgery, the robot is able to know exactly where a patient’s leg or hip is and so only lets the surgeon make cuts where planned. Implants can be fitted with 1mm accuracy, far greater than the human hand. The result, better implants that last longer and are as close as possible to the our original ones.











The films are for private hospital chain Circle showing patients the cutting edge technology they have available. As with many projects like this the time spent filming meant we could create multiple films. The first, a 16 minute procedure film showing exactly how consultant knee surgeon, Neil Bradbury uses the Mako Robot in a total knee replacement operation. It outlines the benefits to the patient and explicitly shows that the surgeon remains always in control. The second film featured interviews with Neil and hip surgeon, Matthew Burwell. This is more of a concept film and shows how robot assisted surgery is changing orthopaedics. Finally we created a 90 second, fast passed promo film to use in social media campaigns.












Project Details

Client:Stryker Medical Instruments
Date:Spring 2019

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Andy Humphreys
Producer:Peter Georgi
Camera:David Thompson
Assistant Camera:Rich Mann
Editor:Gary McMath
Colour Gradist:Gary McMath