The Future of Orthopaedic Surgery

Halo Films has a vast experience in making films for the medical profession. In particular, Circle Bath hospital and independent consultant surgeons.

Our latest project saw us team up with consultant orthopaedic knee surgeon, Neil Bradbury again. Neil is a founder member of the Biological Knee Society  and part of a group promoting biological surgical techniques. Biological surgery aims to delay the use of artificial implants for as long as possible. Instead it uses human tissue for transplants and then people’s own cells; stem cells or white blood cells to stimulate the body’s ability to regenerate itself. In some cases, artificial scaffolds can even act as breeding grounds for new tissue.

Halo made two films for Neil, one based around a patient case study and operation and the other a Thought Leadership film on Biological Surgery. The patient film featured two new forms of surgery, a meniscal transplant where the shock absorber inside the knee is replaced with a donor piece from another person and a cartilage repair where a mesh scaffold is pinned to an area of the thigh bone and stem cells injected over it to promote new cartilage growth. The key being that both will, over time become part of the patient’s body. This film is aimed at patients and is a big part of Neil showing people what type of procedures are available and that they will be in good hands.

The Thought Leadership film is an ideal use of video as it presents a new idea to people in an engaging and informative way and shows that should you want to find out more about Biological Surgery, Neil and his team are experts.

Neil Bradbury: London's Premier Consultant Knee SurgeonNeil Bradbury: Meniscal Transplant Surgery










Our final work on this project is something I am quite proud of. Neil’s team needed an article written for a digital publication. Our background at Halo is science TV; Peter Georgi produced films for the BBC Science Department for over 10 years. In making any science based film, we as producers must get to know the facts and context of the story we are telling. We spend time researching and talking to people and as such, for a short period become experts on it. The article I wrote was published in the Telegraph on-line and formed another part of  of Neil’s Biological Surgery story.

Check out the article here: The Future of Joint Replacement Article

On a technical note, this is the first project that Halo has produced using our new Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro Camera. We also edited and graded the film with Black Magic’s Davinci Resolve post production software. We love the image quality.

Project Details

Client:Neil Bradbury
Date:Spring 2018

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Jo Eke
Producer:Peter Georgi
Camera:David Thompson
Assistant Camera:Matt Wicks
Editor:Colin Gardiner
Colour Gradist:Colin Gardiner