“Choice Point” is a feature-length documentary film exploring the world of personal, transformational change.

It considers how when one person makes small positive changes to their life, they can have a direct and positive impact on others. Ultimately, it shows how what we do impacts on others and that by changing our own lives for the better we can, in many ways change the world.Choice Point Movement founder, Harry Massey, and Executive Producer, Charlie Stuart Gay came to Halo Films with their concept and vision of the Choice Point film. As part of the wider Choice Point Movement the film is supported by many public figures,  includes a book release, a magazine and is the driving force behind a philanthropic social fund.

Substantial amounts of footage had been shot prior to Choice Point coming to Halo, and all on the Canon EOS5D Digital SLR. Traditionally a stills camera with interchangeable lenses, its movie mode has been developed to produce fantastic film-like quality footage. Halo’s brief was to pick up the existing footage and drive the film forward, working to a very tight timescale, and ultimately for worldwide DVD, Blue-Ray and social network release.

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Stepping into the 5D world was a new venture for the creative team at Halo. Very few long form documentaries have yet been made on the 5D and we have had to overcome many various technical challenges difficulties in the new technology – not least the process of syncing separately recorded sound with that from a camera not primarily designed for shooting video. Shooting at Halo has traditionally used HDV formats on cameras such as the Sony EX1 and EX3. Moving to the 5D meant being able to create a much shallower depth of field, and consequently a far more cinematic look that harks back to the days of 35mm film. Our shoots adopted a more dramatic, considered approach to our subjects and contributors, and thanks to the need to record separate sound, involved film-like disciplines such as marking scenes using a clapperboard.

Filming took us to the United States – LA, Washington, Kansas, Knoxville Tennessee and the Appalachian Mountains, South Africa – Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park, and all over the UK.  We told the stories of inspirational people who have all made choices in their lives. Jodi Orton, a former senior paralegal from New Jersey, left the legal world to move into fostering and adoption. Jodi and her husband Bret, now based in Warsaw, Missouri, have fostered around 100 children, many of whom have inherent behavioural and emotional disorders. The Halo team filmed with them over 5 days in October 2011. In addition we have filmed many great visionaries and thinkers about their personal stories of transformation, and have also had the enormous privilege of filming recognised global philanthropic figures such as Sir Richard Branson, John Paul De Joria, (co-founder of Paul Mitchell Haircare), and Bill Drayton, founder of the Ashoka organisation in the U.S.



We also turned our Halo home into a studio, filming macro shots of oil dispersing in water, which will appear in the film as distant, far flung galaxies… However, the most dramatic use of the studio was to film some of the most beautiful shots of broccoli we’ve ever seen! See the opening shots of the Halo Choice Point Show Reel.

The films on this page are a representation of the work that Halo Films did on the Choice Point film. The first shows the filming of our key documentary contributors and some of the breathtaking natural scenery we were in, as well as some moving special effects. Time lapse and tilt-shift techniques were used to show the passage of time and how we are all subject to the immovable patterns and cycles of nature.

The second is the story of Brett Moran, a convicted drug user who has turned his life around. Our goal was to bring the journey of his story to life in a filmic and emotional way. Finally, is the show reel of assistant producer, Matt Wicks who as well as finding some amazing locations and stock footage, filmed our specialist imagery of macro oils and became an expert in the tilt shift process of minaturisation.

Halo’s Choice Point Crew:

Peter Georgi:  Executive Producer and Location Director
Myfanwy Marshall: Associate Producer and Location Director
Matt Wicks: Assistant Producer and Specialist Film Director
Sam Phillips: Assistant Producer and Location Director
Anthea Harvey: Film Editor
Duncan McDonald: Assistant Editor and Graphics Designer
Mark Knights: Film Colourist
Emily Doyle: Researcher and Production Coordinator
Andy Bryce: Digital Apprentice


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