Hip Arthroscopy Surgery at Circle Bath

The Hip Unit at Circle Bath Hospital in Peasedown St. John just South of Bath is one of the country’s centres of excellence for hip surgery.

6 consultants work closely with physiotherapists, dedicated theatre staff and specialist nurses to provide a unique service. The patient journey is second to none and the Circle accelerated recovery process means patients often leave hospitals within two days of having a hip replaced.

Halo Films is making a series of procedure films for different hip operations. The Hip Arthroscopy film details how through key-hole surgery consultant Mike Rigby and can repair hip impingement. First by cutting away danged soft tissue pain is taken away. The second part of the operations grinds away growths on the bone that have been rubbing and causing the tissue damage.

Halo are specialists in working in hospitals and operating theatres and as such are able to create a films that gives prospective patients a thorough understanding of what will happen to them.

The main film shows the full procedure and the second film is a short promo film used for social media advertising.


Project Details

Client:Circle Bath Hospital
Date:May 2017

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Jo Eke
Camera:Matt Wicks
Assistant Camera:Ellie Morgan
Editor:Colin Gardiner
Colour Gradist:Gary McMath