Fostering Change is a powerful and thought provoking film charting one person’s journey of transformation from legal executive to committed foster mother. It is a film that all of us at Halo are incredibly proud of.

Jodi Orton lives in Warsaw, Missouri with her husband, Bret and their nine foster and adopted children. Halo Films spent a week with her in the autumn of 2011 while filming for the Choice Point documentary project. Jodi was to be one of many stories in Choice Point and as ever in large projects, more was shot than was eventually used. However, Jodi and her kids are inspirational and the footage was so great that we didn’t want it to go to waste…..

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So, we set about editing the footage to tell just Jodi’s story: Fostering Change is the result.

The film on this page is a classic example of how Halo likes to work. We found Jodi when looking for people to be examples of personal and global transformation. We wanted to feature people who had set out on one path in life and then had the courage to change direction. In essence, we wanted people who were at last being true to what they really believed in. Amazingly, when we found those people it turned out that not only had the change been good for them but it had transformed the lives of people around them. Jodi has provided a foster home for over 100 children in the US.

The director, Sam Windsor-Phillips is a long term member of the Halo team. He was the cameraman and director on our series Berkeley, An English Country Estate and although freelance now, still works on many of our films. Before flying to the States he spent many a night on the phone to Jodi working out the nuances of her story and finding out what elements we would be able to film. When he and the crew arrived in Warsaw Jodi already felt that she knew the team. She knew what we wanted to achieve, she had set boundaries and there was already a high degree of trust. Over the week of filming that feeling of respect grew. The story is based around a powerful and emotive interview with Jodi. It was filmed at the end of the week and could only have turned out as well as it did if she felt 100% safe in Sam’s hands. And of course there were the children. It is not easy having a film crew with you for a week and again, they felt comfortable enough with Sam and his team to just be themselves. The result speaks for itself.

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There was not time in the final Choice Point movie to tell all of Jodi’s story, so we have done it here. Fostering Change was edited by Duncan McDonald, again an ex Halo employee who often comes back to work on our films. Both he and Sam gave days of their own time to finish the edit and without that good will it could never had been finished.  We are grateful to them and proud of our film.

Project Details

Project Crew

Director:Sam Winsor-Phillips
Executive Producer:Peter Georgi
Camera:Sam Winsor-Phillips
Editor:Duncan McDonald