The Frampton Country Fair is one of the most unusual in the country. The brainchild of one man, Frampton brings together all the quirkiest aspects of country life.

Existing solely to promote the ways of the country, Frampton offers pigeon plucking classes for kids, terrier racing and the fearsome sport of tent pegging, where Calvary Officers charge round the ring recreating old training methods by trying to spear small, flaming bits of wood!




Frampton, An English Country Fair is a one hour documentary film produced for Horse & Country TV.

The Halo team take pride in every piece of footage we create and love getting to the heart of the subject. We are immensely proud that this has won us the reputation as a producer of real stories about real people. With Frampton we portrayed and raised awareness of a form of country life that is potentially under threat.


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Client:Frampton Country Fair

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