Gunner & Co. is an acquisition brokerage, who help people to buy or sell their businesses. Halo Films was commissioned by Gunner & Co. to create 3 Intercast videos in order to promote their business and what they do for clients.

The first film was used to give prospective clients more information about Gunner & Co. and what it is they do. The second film was to present why they are different from any other businesses. The third film was used to show how they can help people sell their business as well as purchasing one. The three films were shot at our in-house studio using a white background and filmed on our Canon C300.


Project Details

Client:Gunner & Co.

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Camera:Andy Bryce
Assistant Camera:Sam Warr
Editor:Andy Bryce, Sam Warr
Assistant Editor:Sam Warr
Production Assistant:Tess Benjamin, Sam Warr