Circle Bath Hip Unit – Hip Injection Surgery

The Hip Unit at Circle Bath Hospital in Peasedown St. John just South of Bath is one of the country’s centres of excellence for hip surgery.

6 consultants work closely with physiotherapists, dedicated theatre staff and specialist nurses to provide a unique service. The patient journey is second to none and the Circle accelerated recovery process means patients often leave hospitals within two days of having a hip[ replaced.

Halo Films is making a series of procedure films for different hip operations. The Hip Injection films outlines a simple procedure that is used as both a diagnostic tool and way of giving medium term pain relief.

Halo are specialists in working in hospitals and operating theatres and as such are able to create a films that gives prospective patients a thorough understanding of what will happen to them.

The main film shows the full procedure and the second film is a short 30 second promo film used for social media advertising.

Project Details

Client:Circle Bath Hospital
Date:May 2017

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Jo Eke
Camera:David Thompson
Assistant Camera:Ellie Morgan
Editor:Colin Gardiner
Colour Gradist:Gary McMath