IFP are an independent body created to boost the professional practice in the Financial Planning Industry. In order to prove to the public that financial planning firms are qualified and do what is best for the client in every way, they created the Accredited firm certification. We were commissioned by IFP to create 6 films for their wayfinder brand in order to let the general public know what an accredited firm is and why these firms stand out from the rest.

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Halo created the first three films with an accredited firm called Paradigm Norton Financial Planning, we interviewed 3 members of staff including the CEO Barry Horner, as well as 2 qualified financial planners Jane Wheeler & Richard Child. The three films focus around what are the benefits of working with a CFP Professional, an accredited firm and what is financial planning. These films are meant to teach the public about what financial planning is and why the accredited financial planning firm means that the firm is one of the very best in the industry.

Furthermore the other 2 films we created were interviews shot as testimonials from clients Mike Wilsher and Peter & Helen Wilde who have dealt with an accredited financial planning firm such as Paradigm Norton and speak about why they think the accredited firm certificate is a good thing and how that benefits clients.



Project Details


Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Camera:Sam Winsor-Phillips
Assistant Camera:Andy Bryce
Editor:Andy Bryce
Motion Graphics Artist:Andy Bryce, Sam Warr
Assistant Editor:Sam Warr
Production Assistant:Tess Benjamin, Sam Warr