Bristol’s Transport Future on Film

The Institute of Directors is probably the most influential organisation supporting businesses in the UK today. Founded in 1906 it’s the oldest group supporting professional leaders and encourages entrepreneurial activity while promoting responsible business practice for the benefit of the business community and society as a whole. It’s stated philosophy is to support, represent and set standards for business directors.

As well as a being a UK wide organsiation the IOD is split into regional hubs. In February 2013 the Bristol branch hosted a high level debate about the future of Bristol’s transport systems. Being a hub City in the South West, Bristol has many competeing transport needs. Trains, freight  commuters, rail, air transport and shipping all converge ona small area. The debate was the chance tf or the business community to grill people in charge.

The event was chaired by BBC presenter, Dave Harvey and the panel included the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson as well as the CEO’s of Bristol Port Authority, Bristol Airport, First Bus, the South West Low Carbon Commission and Jon Shaw, Professor of Transport Studies at Plymouth University.

Halo Films was asked to film the event and create two films for the IOD web site. The first one above is a short taster of the evening, showing the scale of the night, the calibre of the panel and the extreme interest from the business community. The second film (if you use the toggle button on the right) is a longer film showing the introduction interviews with each of the panelists.

Project Details


Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Camera:Sam Winsor-Phillips
Assistant Camera:Andy Bryce
Editor:Andy Bryce, Sam Oldmeadow