Kelloggs Multigrain Shapes were launched in 2012 and had their own web site created spring 2013. Aimed at children, the whole grain cereal has four different shapes from four different areas of the environmental world: the body, the sea, the sky and the country.

The new site is a colourful world of entertainment and learning with craft ideas and designs that can be made from empty cereal boxes. Halo was asked to produce the web site videos by specialist children’s agency, Kids Industries who designed the cereal and were creating the site.


Picture 7


Our four films are designed to feel like a classic Blue Peter craft ‘make’ with plenty of cutting, sticking, painting and gluing. We found a wonderful teacher from a South London school and two 7 year old children. Kelloggs wanted a country feel and Bromley produced a family home that could have come straight out of Country Life.

We had the pleasure of working with one of our favourite cameramen, Paul Barton who had filmed much of the material Halo shot for Choice Point. Paul is a master of painting with light and created a warm, soft atmosphere that not only matched the mood we were after but made Kirsty (teacher) and Saskia and Jack feel comfortable and at ease. We filmed on our new camera, the Canon C300 which creates a beautiful High Definition, shallow depth-of-field look.

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Finally, we are lucky enough to have a fantastic editor living nearby. Gary McMath took our rushes and crafted them with real love and attention. The result is a set of films we are proud of and that fit perfectly on the Kelloggs Multrigrain Shapes web site.

You can watch all four films above (click on the scroll arrow to find the others) or you can see them in all their glory on the Kelloggs site here: Kelloggs Multigrain Shapes.




Project Details

Client:Kelloggs / Kids Industries

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi