Halo Films is proud to have made four small films for the iconic children’s cartoon brand, Peppa Pig. As with our films for Kelloggs we were asked by educational agency, Kids Industries¬† to create an online series of how to videos for a new Peppa Pig web site.



Our four films, reminiscent of a classic Blue Peter style craft make, feature lots of arts and crafts activities. This time however a teacher helped children make Peppa themed products that anyone can try at home. With guidance from the brand and Kids Industries, Halo found a wonderful drama teacher and cast the 4-5 year old children.


The Halo team travelled to a lovely manor house in Balcombe, West Sussex to film the production over 2 days. A great pleasure of this project was the chance to film with one of Peter’s favourite cameramen, Rick Manzanero. Rick and Peter have worked together over many years on shows such as Tomorrow’s World, The Human Body and Walking With Cavemen. Rick is also renowned for being the only person in the world to have filmed a baby being born for IMAX cinemas, the largest screens ever made.


The films are up on the brand new Peppa Pig website which you can see here: Peppa Pig

Project Details

Client:Peppa Pig / Kids Industrys

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Peter Georgi
Assistant Producer:Tess Benjamin
Camera:Rick Manzanero, Sam Warr
Assistant Camera:Sam Warr
Editor:Duncan McDonald
Assistant Editor:Sam Warr
Production Assistant:Tess Benjamin