The Road To Self-employment is a film made for FTSE 100 Wealth Managment Company, St. James’s Place. Many SJP Wealth Advisors are self employed or run their own LLP or company. Starting out can therefore be a daunting task if people have previously worked in an employed environment. As part of a series of films for St. James’s Place, The Road To Self-employment is carefully filmed and edited to inspire potential partners considering the move to SJP and preparing to take the leap of faith into running their own business, all with the safety of knowing they are backed by a FSTE 100 company.

As well as filming current partners of St. James’s Place we filmed Senior Marketing Consultant – Andrew Ward and Executive Director & Head of Acquisitions – Damien Bradbury.

Project Details

Client:St. James's Place
Date:January 2015

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Alex Sullivan
Assistant Producer:Matt Wicks
Camera:Matt Wicks
Assistant Camera:Andy Bryce
Editor:Matt Wicks
Motion Graphics Artist:Andy Bryce
Assistant Editor:Andy Bryce
Production Assistant:Laurie Goodwin