St. James’s Place is one of the biggest financial services companies in the UK with a network over 2000 partner advisors and over £60bn of client’s money under investment.

As part of their continuing drive to help clients understand how money is looked after they asked Halo Films to make a client facing film about the St. James’s Place investment approach.

A potentially complex subject, we created a simple documentary style film that showed how SJP use an investment committee to select, monitor and change the institutional fund managers they employ to manage clients’ investments. The idea was to show the level of structure, discipline and professionalism that goes into what is arguably the most important part of what St. James’s Place do.

We filmed with St. James’s Place Managing Director David Lamb, Chief Investment Officer Chris Ralph as well as committee members, investment consultants and a fund manger on the end of the rigorous SJP investment process.

Two versions of the film were created, a long and shorter version for the network of partner advisors to use as client education and information tools.



Project Details

Client:St. James's Place
Date:September 2016

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Alex Sullivan
Camera:David Thompson
Editor:Gary McMath