Team Zappi is a hidden secret in British cycling. An under 23 team based in Italy it offers ambitious young cyclists the chance to prepare for the professional peloton.

Run by the charismatic, Flavio Zappi the team spends the season racing in Italy, France, Belgium and Spain. Effectively a university for professional cycling many Team Zappi graduates are now in the pro ranks.

To support the team and its riders Zappi has launched a cycle clothing line. This film was made to promote the team, its ethos and ambition. Halo spent 4 days with the team in Cervia, near San Remo and came back with an honest portrayal of Flavio’s dream. As with all Halo films, we had many audiences in mind when making the film; current and potential sponsors, new riders, other teams as well as the main audience being customers of Zappi cycle clothing.










Filming Flavio and his team is a perfect fit for Halo Films’ director, Peter Georgi as it brings together his two loves, film making and cycling. A former Great Britain rider and multi veteran’s National Champion himself he sees the benefit in the team; “What Flavio is doing is unique in British cycling and I would have loved the chance to be on a team like this when I was 18 or 19.”

Team Zappi is not Halo’s only cycling film, a few years ago we made a film with sports nutritian company, Science In Sport with the then Olympic and World Time Trial Champion, Fabian Cancellara.

You can check out the Zappi clothing line here: Zappi Cycle Clothing

Project Details

Client:Zappi Clothing
Date:November 2015

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Paul Quarterman
Producer:Peter Georgi
Camera:Matt Wicks
Assistant Camera:Laurie Goodwin
Editor:Laurie Goodwin
Colour Gradist:Andy Bryce