The Agency

A fly on the wall series inside a truly British, totally eccentric company.

The Wow Factory – hidden in a quiet village in Kent, in the front room of the family home – this successful marketing and PR Company is anything but ordinary.

Run by the genuinely eccentric Simon ‘Clubbers’ Clubley, the Wow factory exists for two things; to make money and have fun. Simon gets the work in and the team make sure it happens but that’s where any similarity with normal business ends.

Larger than life, the way he does business is to drink clients into submission. Good old fashioned hospitality is the only way Simon knows how to close a deal.

 “He’ll often come in, moaning and groaning and completely hung over but he has got two jobs over the weekend.”

Rob: Web Site Creator: WOW Factory

This series follows the Wow Factory through 6 months of a business growth push. Currently agents for a plethora of dazzling clients including Goggle Box’s Dom and Steph, celebrity chef, Richard Phillips and the infamous romantic hotel, The Who’d of Thought It. But Simon wants more.

Our cameras will be there when Simon hires a double decker bus to take existing and hopefully new clients on a Kentish pub crawl, pitches a Yorkshire specific chewing gum, Ee By Gum to Wrigley’s and a new EU specific business magazine to financial services publisher IFA, called Parity Like It’s 1999 (as the Euro and Pound are now almost equal in value – the first time for 16 years…)

The Agency is not just Simon though, his staff are his foil and in the best manner of dealing with genius, they put up with as much as respect him. All with their own Clubbers given names, Winnie – cos he spends so much time in the loo, Cottagers – the straightest guy you’ll ever meet, and Trailer Trash – designer and founding partner of the Wow Factory, Emma!

Week in, week out life at the Wow Factory will entertain, amuse and astound. Simon once upset the local vicar by arranging and attending his own funeral (he wanted to see who would come), hung a car 60ft above a car dealership to make sure drivers looked across to a car lot and organised a skateboarding race down the A24.


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