Total Hip Replacment Surgery at Circle Bath Hospital

Circle Bath hospital in Peasdown St. John, Somerset is part of the Circle Group of private hospitals. Opened in 2010 in a purpose built Norman Foster designed building, Circle Bath is at the cutting edge of elective surgery in the UK, both medically and in terms of patient experience and care.

Halo Films has been asked to make series of films about the specialist hip unit at Circle. This is the first one, a film explaining the procedure of Total Hip Replacement surgery.

The aim of these films is to show patients what the operation is, how it will help them and what actually happens. It also highlights the skill and expertise of the surgeons and theatre staff. A key aspect of care at Circle Bath is the patient journey. At all points the hospital keeps people informed and these films are part of that patient education. As they have found at Circle, the more people know about what to expect the quicker they recover.

For us, filming in an operating theatre is a privilege. We are observing an major event in people’s lives and always respect that. Halo’s Director, Peter Georgi spent many years in the Science Department of the BBC and a lot of that time was spent in hospitals. As a company we know how to work safely in an environment where what we do must always be secondary to what we are observing.


Project Details

Client:Circle Bath Hospital
Date:April 2017

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi
Executive Producer:Jo Eke
Camera:Chris Jones
Editor:Gary McMath
Colour Gradist:Gary McMath