The Waterbabies Programme is based on the popular Little Dippers baby swimming classes. Halo Films teamed up with Little Dippers founder, Lauren Heston, affectionately as the Mother infant water safety, to create a film version of the ever popular baby swimming lessons.

For over 20 years Lauren has taught thousands of babies to be safe, confident and to love the water.

Waterbabies is a unique, instructional film which builds upon babies’ natural affinity to water and shows parents to play and exercise safely in the water with their baby.  The DVD provides a series of carefully designed exercises which can be followed over a course of around nine months.


The innovative exercises are simple and easy to follow with the emphasis on safety, fitness, spending quality time together and building water confidence. The programme starts with simple bathtime exercises and progresses steadily through baby’s first visit to the pool and eventually towards the first underwater swim. Safety techniques such as holding onto the side, backfloating and turning in the water are also covered. These all support the overall objective of the film: to teach every child not to panic in the event that they fall into the water and to provide them with skills to give them a fighting chance to survive in the event of an accident.

The images of babies in and under the water are engaging and inspiring and the film is narrated by Robert Lindsey.

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