The Welsh Books Council exist to promote reading and support the publishing industry in Wales. As part of their marketing for World Book Day (5th March 2015) they commissioned Halo to make a short drama to show how reading can transport people to into other worlds.

Our film features the journey of a young man, absorbed in an unkown book. We see him smile, we watch him cry from what he is reading. We know that he is being moved by his book. As he finishes the book he reaches his destination, and he turn out to be a teacher, entertaining children at a book club. Reader has become readee, he is now the inspirer.

Moor Cropped

Street 3 cropped










As a small drama, we sourced locations in and around South Wales and even arrived at the top of the Brecon Beacons before dawn to get the first exterior shot of our reader’s journey, the wide shot across open moorland.

Beautifully shot by Matt Wicks, a long time Halo Films crew member, this film marked a turning point at Halo. All films need to be colour graded as part of the final post production and we have traditionally used software within the Final Cut package. For this film Andy Bryce used¬†professional grading software DaVinci for the first time. Highly complex, it gave Andy the ability to control the look and feel of the final images in a very detailed way. The result, a ¬†beautiful film that takes the viewer into another world and transports them through the journey or our character’s day.

Project Details

Client:Welsh Books Council
Date:March 2015

Project Crew

Director:Peter Georgi, Matt Wicks
Executive Producer:Peter Georgi
Producer:Matt Wicks
Camera:Matt Wicks
Editor:Laurie Goodwin
Motion Graphics Artist:Andy Bryce
Colour Gradist:Andy Bryce