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‘Suicide deserves respect’

More than 4,700 people killed themselves in England in 2013, a rise of more than 6% on 2012.

“Suicide is one of the biggest killers of men under the age of 50 and if this was a physical health problem, there would be a national outcry.”

Deputy PM Nick Clegg has called for all hospitals in the UK to do more to prevent suicide. Recently in the US state of Detroit the suicide rate fell by 75% over 4 years. This shows that not enough is being done to stop one of the biggest causes of death in the UK.

Simone Pickrell, approached Halo with a desire to help prevent suicide through the powerful medium of film. As a teenager she twice tried to take her own life and remained vulnerable for a number of years – thankfully she is still very much with us. Having experienced this herself she wanted to help prevent anyone else feeling this way. 

We created an inspirational film called Freefall: Understanding Suicidal Crisis, featuring video case studies of individuals sharing their thoughts and feelings when they were contemplating suicide. Featuring expert opinion from depression and suicide researchers (including leading Mindfulness Meditation expert, Professor Mark Williams) Freefall is a powerful film that has the capacity to change lives.

Now used by The Samaritans as a training guide, Freefall: Understanding Suicidal Crisis explores the reasons behind suicidal thought, helps people identify those around them who might be at risk and puts forward practical advice as to how to help them.

Freefall is unique as there are no other documented video case studies that exist as training resources for professionals working with potentially vulnerable people. At Halo Films we believe that if this film can prevent even one person from taking their own life then the project was a great success.

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