Apprentice Graduation

Andy gets his recognition

Halo Films recently spent the evening at the BBC studios in Bristol. The occasion? The graduation of our Digital Apprentice, Andy Bryce.

Along with 6 other companies, including the BBC, Halo was part of the first apprenticeship scheme in the country to be run for the creative industries. As part of the Creative Skillset backed scheme Andy joined the company in July 2011 and had over a year’s work experience as well as a comprehensice set of training courses on industry specific skills. Run by Cirencester College, they helped to greatly improve Andy’s technical knowledge.

All the companies there told how successful the scheme had been, for both them and their apprentices. Halo thinks the scheme is great, Andy has become a valued member of the team and has helped out with many various projects over the past year and a half.

And has it worked for Andy, let him tell you himself:

I came to Halo not really knowing what part of the industry I liked best, I have helped develop the web site, helped on shoots and even edited some of our films.  I now hold a greater passion for video editing than I ever imagined and want to follow this as my future career.

Well done Andy.

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