An Intercast for the Press

Halo is proud to release its latest set of Intercasts, this time for financial services publication, IFA Magazine.

IFA Magazine takes pride in its glossy appearance, its macro editorial approach and its thought provoking articles. The Intercasts – or interview podcasts – feature editor Michael Wilson outlining why the magazine is different.

The financial world is becoming one of Halo’s specialities and we even had an article about our work in the IFA Magazine. Check out the 4 page spread here: How to Market with Video

They were made to appear on the magazine web site and become part of their digital marketing. Have a look at the 3 films on the project page here: IFA Magazine

Intercast Website Launch

Web Site Launched

At Halo Films we sense there is a growing demand from all sorts of companies and organsiations to have video content on their web sites. But commissioning a full-on corporate video can sometimes take more time and cost more money than is available. With that in mind we have created the Intercast.

INTERCASTS, or “interview podcasts” create a direct link with the audience and convey passion, a knowledge of an industry and define the ethos of how a company works. In short, they say more about you than written words ever can.

The Intercast Revolution starts here:

Our new site explains the concept, has many case studies and shows just how good the video-interview is at direct communication.

QAA – Quality Assurence Agency

Back to College Again… well almost

In what is probably our most precisely animated film to date, we have just completed a five minute mixture of high quality info-graphics and interviews to bring to life the Annual Report of the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency). The QAA for Higher Education safeguards the quality and standards of UK universities and colleges, making sure that all students’ time in further education is as good as it can be.

Set to be shown at the QAA anual conference, our film combines a documentary approach with constantly moving graphics and presents the achievements of QAA in a modern and engaging way.

Perfect for their web site too…..

You can watch the film on the QAA project page here: QAA Annual Report

Delayed by the snow

Delayed by the snow

Sadly our latest filming trip didn’t quite go to plan……

Halo is making a series of web videos to feature on a new Kelloggs web site created by top children’s advertising agency, Kids Industries. Mimicking the best of Blue Peter we were to film a school teacher showing young children craft lessons in a beautiful south London kitchen. Scheduled for the weekend of 19th January we were ready but the weather wasn’t.

Heavy snow on the Friday made getting to location somewhat tricky, and after a 5 hour drive to London, filming was cancelled – leaving Peter and Andy with a lonely trip back West.

Re-arranged for the following weekend, we hope the shoot will now go to plan and we look forward to filming with ace cameraman, Paul Barton again.

Apprentice Graduation

Andy gets his recognition

Halo Films recently spent the evening at the BBC studios in Bristol. The occasion? The graduation of our Digital Apprentice, Andy Bryce.

Along with 6 other companies, including the BBC, Halo was part of the first apprenticeship scheme in the country to be run for the creative industries. As part of the Creative Skillset backed scheme Andy joined the company in July 2011 and had over a year’s work experience as well as a comprehensice set of training courses on industry specific skills. Run by Cirencester College, they helped to greatly improve Andy’s technical knowledge.

All the companies there told how successful the scheme had been, for both them and their apprentices. Halo thinks the scheme is great, Andy has become a valued member of the team and has helped out with many various projects over the past year and a half.

And has it worked for Andy, let him tell you himself:

I came to Halo not really knowing what part of the industry I liked best, I have helped develop the web site, helped on shoots and even edited some of our films.  I now hold a greater passion for video editing than I ever imagined and want to follow this as my future career.

Well done Andy.

Financial Services Intercast

When Financial Services need a human face…

… they can now turn to Halo Films. FD Works was looking for a way of bringing a human side to their website and is a recent advocate to the Halo Intercast (interview-podcast).

Video footage on websites is becoming a vital consideration for businesses and offers several important benefits:

  • Film and video positions your image and brand values with the viewer
  • Video engages more fully with your audience – people spend longer on a website with video than one with just text
  • One minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words (source: Econsultancy)
  • You-Tube is now owned by Google so video on your website is now searchable and helps your SEO rating.


FD Works is a relatively new financial service company offering clients a part time Financial Director and top to bottom financial and accounting support. Aimed at small and medium sized businesses, their approach is very hands on and when they work with clients they tend to become quasi members of staff, something not all financial service companies do.

To get this vital message across, Managing Director Jonathan Gaunt chose a white background for his Intercast, the result is an effective and personal introduction to the business.

See for yourself here: FD Works Intercast

Let us help you engage with your audience through the power of film. Call us on 01453 810914.

Trailblazer Tell Their Message

Video on web sites is part of the zietgeist.

More and more companies, individuals, charities and public services want pictures that move….

…. and at the same time people are trying to put a human face to their organisations.

At Halo we have decided to combine the two. Intercasts are short, interview based films that allow chief executives and representatives to put their message across in a human and personal way. Our latest set of films, for Trailblazer PR was shot at the beautiful Hawkwood College in Stroud.

Trailblazer chief exec, Sabrina Pace-Humphries is passionate about PR and the clients she works for. Having recently revamped the Trailblazer web site she wanted potential customers to understand the conviction she brings to her job. The interview took place in the quiet courtyard of Hawkwood College. Our goal? To conduct a simple and intimate interview on four or five topics, with each one edited into a separate film. The Halo team is low key and our focus is on recording an honest and engaging conversation.

Check out our blog on Intercasts here: Intercasts: The New Black?

Castle School Intercasts

Interviews don’t need to be scary… and they can seriously boost your profile.

Earlier in the year we filmed the headteacher of Castle School in Thornbury, Melanie Warnes for the new school web site. As well as a Piece-To-Camera introduction, Halo created a series of Intercasts where Melanie talks about the style and philosophy of the school.

The new site contains a wealth of detailed information for parents and pupils, has all the official documents a school needs to have and is the place students go to register much of their homework. But Melanie wanted it to do more. Video Intercasts put a human face to a company or organsiation and allow viewers to get a better understanding of both the person and (in this case) the school they represent.

Our Videos are now live on the Castle School web site here: Welcome To The Castle School and the Halo project page for Castle is here:Headteacher Interviews.


Halo Films is encouraged to hear that the Samaritans are launching a suicide reduction strategy campaign at the House Of Commons. One of our recent projects saw us work with closely with the Samaritans and other mental health professionals to produce a film designed to specifically reduce suicide.

Freefall: Understanding Suicidal Crisis is a feature length documentary film that aims to help vulnerable see that there is a way out of their situation, and uniquley to help those people around them give effective, targeted support.

Freefall is used as a training aid by many Samaritans branches and will be shown at their annual conference in York later this month. You can find out more at Freefall page on our web site.

Freefall can be bought from

Its a proud moment for us

Real Olympic Fame

No Longer a Desperate Claim………

Well can you believe it? We waited so long for them but it seems that as soon as the Olympics started that they were all over. Like the rest of the country, here at Halo Towers we have been glued to the TV, Twitter and the Radio, its been fantastic.

We mentioned before that three of the people we have filmed were about to compete, well amazingly 2 of them won gold medals. Carl Hester and Charlotte DuJardin won team gold in the dressage and Charlotte won individual gold. A historic performance for British Dressage that we feel some connection to. Both live and train locally and appeared in our 5 part series, At Home With Carl Hester made for Horse and Country TV last year. Check out our project page here, Dressage.

But there is one other bit of news… our much missed production coordinator and researcher, Emily Doyle was actually in the closing ceremony. A trained dancer and performer she was part of the final dance sequence appearing as one of the Phoenix Ballerinas supporting Darcey Bussell. To say we are proud… and jealous is an understatement. Emily got to perform on the world stage, watch the Olympic flame being extinguished and had a front row seat when The Who brought the house down. Hats Off and Chapeau. Emily is the dancer on the far left above.