Financial Services Intercast

When Financial Services need a human face…

… they can now turn to Halo Films. FD Works was looking for a way of bringing a human side to their website and is a recent advocate to the Halo Intercast (interview-podcast).

Video footage on websites is becoming a vital consideration for businesses and offers several important benefits:

  • Film and video positions your image and brand values with the viewer
  • Video engages more fully with your audience – people spend longer on a website with video than one with just text
  • One minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words (source: Econsultancy)
  • You-Tube is now owned by Google so video on your website is now searchable and helps your SEO rating.


FD Works is a relatively new financial service company offering clients a part time Financial Director and top to bottom financial and accounting support. Aimed at small and medium sized businesses, their approach is very hands on and when they work with clients they tend to become quasi members of staff, something not all financial service companies do.

To get this vital message across, Managing Director Jonathan Gaunt chose a white background for his Intercast, the result is an effective and personal introduction to the business.

See for yourself here: FD Works Intercast

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