Hospital Films at Circle Bath

Knee, Shoulder and Hip Surgery

Over the past year Halo Films has continued to work in the medical sector, filming a series of films for surgeons at the Circle Group of hospitals.

We have just completed series of films for two of the specialist orthopaedic centres of excellence; the Hip Unit and Shoulder Unit and previously created a series of films for orthopaedic knee surgeon, Neil Bradbury.

The purpose of the films is to equip prospective patients with information about their condition and let them know exactly what will happen to them. Circle’s research has shown that the more people know about what is wrong with them and what to expect in terms of pain and recovery, the quicker and better they recover. Our films are part of that education process. They are around 18 minutes long and take people through the operation step by step. Surprisingly, given that the films show the detail of orthopaedic surgery they are not gory, in-fact they are quite mesmerising.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 14.52.56Cameras in Theatre

Filming in a hospital is a specialist job and for us at Halo a privilege. Although we have to get the footage for the film the most important people there are the patients. We are being given access to them at vulnerable moments in their lives and are always conscious of that. Taking kit into an operating theatre takes careful planning. It has to be safe from falling, wiped down with antiseptic wipes and then we are restricted to where we can move. As you can imagine, hygiene is paramount in theatre. The surgeons and operating staff work in a strictly sterile area and the instruments are on sterile tables around them. We must not go near them or touch any part of their equipment. With that in mind we tend to use more than one camera, meaning we can cover the process form different angles without moving too much. We even have an HD camera attached to the theatre light above the surgeon’s head.

For me though, the special part of filming at Circle Bath is seeing the healing that is done. Patients may have been in pain for years and it is just impressive to see how they can be helped. Being witness to the their surgery is not something we take lightly, something which I hope comes across in our films.

Neil Knee
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