Team Building With Video

How Building a Video Presentation Can Bring Your Team Together

Working as part of a team is one of the key elements to succeeding in the world of business, so it’s no wonder that business owners and managers spend so much time on corporate team building and events for their staff.

Did you know that a video presentation could be a great way to bring a team together if they’re struggling to see eye to eye or need to overcome anxiety about working with others? Continue reading to learn more.

Tell an Inspirational Story

A video presentation could be the best way to tell an inspirational story that will really tap into the minds and hearts of those who are on a team. After all, humans are wired to understand and recall stories better than lists of facts, and you can utilise videos to present problems and solutions, as well as inspire and motivate others.

When creating a video for your team, you should use a creative story, whether true or not, that will really make them feel the value of one another’s input and talents. Encouraging team building and support in this way will ensure that everyone is motivated to work together to help one another succeed, rather than bring each other down.

Use Humour

Using videos is a great way to illustrate all of the points that you want to make, including those points that prove how valuable working as part of a team really is. But beyond simply illustrating dry facts, you can go a step further and make your video presentation even more engaging and entertaining by infusing it with humour.

Start by showing funny movie clips that are relevant to your overall presentation, or create a video specifically for training your staff on how to work as part of team, but use jokes throughout so that they’ll really retain the information more easily and use it in the future.

Have Your Team Create the Video

In addition to showing your team videos about the importance of being a part of a team, you can even have them work on a project together that will have them building a video presentation of their own. Allow them to have complete creative freedom so they can use whatever location and level of humour they wish to use.

By working together on their own video presentation, these individuals will learn how to come together to get a specific project done. These valuable lessons will translate to skills that they can then use every day in the workplace.

The best part of having your staff work as a team on a project is the fact that they’ll be able to view the final product in the end. In other words, they’ll see the fruits of their labour, and they’ll realise that they did a much better job together than they could’ve done on their own.

In addition to taking advantage of team building events at locations other than your office, you should also create engaging presentations using video technology. It’s easier than you think and the results will exceed your expectations.

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