Trailblazer Tell Their Message

Video on web sites is part of the zietgeist.

More and more companies, individuals, charities and public services want pictures that move….

…. and at the same time people are trying to put a human face to their organisations.

At Halo we have decided to combine the two. Intercasts are short, interview based films that allow chief executives and representatives to put their message across in a human and personal way. Our latest set of films, for Trailblazer PR was shot at the beautiful Hawkwood College in Stroud.

Trailblazer chief exec, Sabrina Pace-Humphries is passionate about PR and the clients she works for. Having recently revamped the Trailblazer web site she wanted potential customers to understand the conviction she brings to her job. The interview took place in the quiet courtyard of Hawkwood College. Our goal? To conduct a simple and intimate interview on four or five topics, with each one edited into a separate film. The Halo team is low key and our focus is on recording an honest and engaging conversation.

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